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More than Your Philosophy has Dream Of

We’ve been talking about the subconscious mind the last few programs… and ways, the few we know of, of bringing more of its power and problem solving ability to bear in our lives.

A number of years ago, Doctor William Hanny Thompson, a distinguished physician and writer, recorded two very striking instances of the ability of the subconscious mind to solve problems and reach conclusions after the conscious mind had completely failed. The first of these was given to Doctor Thompson by a fellow student at college.

This student related that on a particular night, his roommate sat up very late in a desperate effort to solve a problem in mathematics. Notwithstanding long hours of work, he failed to find the solution. At last, totally fatigued, he put out the light and went to bed. In the early hours of the morning, the student relating the story said he was awakened by a light shining in his eyes. His roommate had turned on the light and was back at work at this desk. The next morning, he mentioned the matter only to have his roommate deny that he had been up at any time during the night.

The first student went to the desk, picked up his roommate’s papers and showed him the problem, worked out to a current solution in this own handwriting.

This story, incidentally, is not all that unusual. Many people have had similar experiences. Another incident the doctor referred to, was the experience of a member of the British Diplomatic Cops in Syria. This man had been studying the difficult Arabic language in an effort to fit himself to carry on his work among the Eastern princes and rulers. One night he attempted to compose an official letter to the ruler of Lebanon. After several hours of fruitless work, he decided that the task was impossible for him because of his limited understanding of the language. He went to bed. One can well imagine his surprise when, the following morning, he found a freshly written letter on his desk, in his own handwriting, composed in the most correct style of pure Arabic!

What solved the difficult mathematical problem? Who or what wrote the letter to the official in Lebanon in pure and correct Arabic? It was certainly not the conscious mind of either person. Their conscious minds had failed completely even after hours of the most strenuous thinking.

In these cases, as in literally thousands of others recorded throughout the centuries from all over the world, the required skill or knowledge came out of that mysterious, unlimited, ever-active area of personality known as the subconscious.

I have worked on many problems at different times, and have finally awakened early in the morning with the complete and simple answer mysteriously before me. I always get out of bed and write it down. I know how quickly such a solution can vanish back into the mysterious depths. A couple that I have let slip away from me I have never been able to bring to consciousness again. Whenever an idea like that appears in your mind, impale it with the point of a pencil immediately. It can vanish as mysteriously as it come. Each of us has this wonderful capacity to find the answers we’re looking for. Understanding even a little about how the subconscious mind works can help.

You don’t have to understand something in order to use it. If we did… we’d be immobilized. We understand very little of the functions of the mind and body. The subconscious is the most mysterious of all.

By: Earl Nightingale

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