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Earl's Purpose:

In 1956, Earl Nightingale had an epiphany that would forever change the world of personal development. While reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, a message was born in Earl’s mind that would inspire millions. Suddenly, the central theme of numerous works – from those of Emerson to the New Testament – came flooding back, revealing one concise truth: we become what we think about. Invigorated by his newfound insights, Earl knew that this was message the world desperately needed to hear. In 1956 he released The Strangest Secret, a revolutionary spoken-word that has inspired, enlightened, and shaped countless lives throughout the past 63 years. Though no longer with us, Earl’s mission to raise the restless lives on through the thousands of priceless insights he left behind. Through his legacy of wisdom, Earl continues to invite us all to step out of the shadows of conformity, and into the success that awaits those brave enough to dream.


Spoken time and time again, Earl knew that “our rewards in life would always be in exact proportion to our service.” He encouraged us to serve our employees, customers, and community with humble dedication.


As Earl once said, “It’s impossible to be successful without knowing what we’re working towards” He knew that without unwavering focus and a clear strategy, our goals could never be accomplished.


As Earl so eloquently stated, “A successful life is nothing more than a series of successful days put together”. He showed us that the key to success is found in faithful repetition.


“We become what we think about” says it all. Earl discovered that by taking our thoughts captive and reflecting on our goals, anything could be possible.


By teaching us how to prioritize, Earl taught us how to use time as our most valuable resource in the pursuit of any ideal.


Earl introduced us to the concept of “intelligent objectivity”, and showed us how to find and eliminate the barriers we build around ourselves.


Nicknamed “The First Lady of Transformation”

The work of Diana Nightingale never ceases to bring new life to Earl’s time-tested messages. Serving as an author, speaker, and thought leader worldwide, In 2014, Diana was inspired to sit down and write a brief message; but as the manuscript grew she soon realized that she was writing what could be called, the greatest sequel to her husband's legendary message, The Strangest Secret. The title of the book was inspired by a phrase, Earl Nightingale often used to describe this limited lifetime we have. He called it, "Your Holiday on Earth". Diana makes her home in the Northern Arizona area. She is the mother of three grown children, Kim, Dayne & Jill and the grandmother (Mimi) of 4 grown grandchildren, Dan, Sabra, Jordan & Juliette.

Diana continues to share priceless insights and wisdom, and in 2019 launched multiple platforms to expand and honor the legacy of the Nightingale name.


“Every person has tremendous abilities and potentialities intrinsically his own. There is no other human being on Earth exactly like him. We know there are within his job wide fields of interest which if he knew about them would change his life to one of excitement and make him a real contributor in the economy. He walks down a narrow road right in his own job and stretching to the horizon. Are the such sunlit fields of opportunity but between him and these fields, there’s a tall hedge which shields them from his view. This hedge is called conformity.”


“Think of a single day as a building block with which you are building the tower of your life, just as a stonemason can only put one stone in place at a time. You can only live one day at a time, and it’s the way in which these stones are placed which will determine the beauty and strength of your tower.”

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