This is Earl Nightingale

   Born into hard times, by the time Earl Nightingale was 12-years old, he, his two brothers and his mother were living in a tent in, Tent City along the coast of, Long Beach, California and wondering why they lived as they did?

  Since no one could answer this question to his satisfaction, Earl marched off to the Long Beach Public Library, where he was certain he'd the find the answer for himself, not realizing that he was beginning what was to become a 35-year quest.

  When Earl was seventeen, a Marine Recruiter, enticed Earl to join with the promise that he would get to go to, Japan.  Instead, he was sent to, Hawaii where he was stationed aboard the USS Arizona.

   Earl, was at his station on the USS Arizona at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was 1 of the 12 Marines aboard that day to survive.

   After the war ended, but before being mustered out of the Marines, Earl took his first radio job at WJNC in, North Carolina.

  Once out of the Marines, Earl began his radio career in Phoenix and from there on to the radio capital in the Windy City of Chicago where in addition to his daily radio commentary, he was every child's radio hero, Sky King!

  At thirty-five, Earl was reading, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, whom he had met and knew as a friend.  It was on one of those pages that he discovered what he had set out to find as a child - why people become what they become.  He read, and immediately understood that, "We become what we think about".

Shortly thereafter, wanting to take a fishing trip and wanting also to leave his salesmen with inspiration, he wrote an essay and with the help of his friend who worked for Columbia Records, pressed the message on a single record to be played in his absence.  He called the recording, The Strangest Secret.

When Earl returned from his trip, he learned that the salesmen had been so inspired by the recording that each wanted one.  Earl had a few records pressed and each person who had the record, played it for others who in return, wanted copies for themselves.  In a surprising amount of time, without any advertising or marketing of any kind, he had sold over ONE-MILLION COPIES earning a Gold Record. It was the only Gold Record ever to be presented for a spoken word recording.

The Strangest Secret has continued to sell for more than sixty-years and has been translated into other languages and continues to sell daily around the world.

Because a small boy, living in poverty, wondered why they were so poor while others were not, as a man, became one of the world's leading authorities on how to live a successful life and with the recording of one, profound message helped countless millions of people around the world to shape and change their lives for the better!


The Strangest Secret

People are often surprised and somewhat dismayed to learn the "secret" behind the writing and recording of, The Strangest Secret. Certain that, Earl Nightingale was motivated by a business goal or the promise of payment for his message, the truth of the matter is simple - he wanted to go fishing!

Earl, had been enjoying a career in radio for many years, and was a much sought after speaker when he decided to branch out and buy a small insurance agenc

Earl, was determined to go fishing and set out to find a way to go and yet, still be "present" to inspire and motivate the sales staff.  He said that he thought about what he might say in a message, one that could be played in his absence and began thinking about how he could take all that he had learned about life and success and wrap it up on one message; a message, so profound that he could leave it to his children, if he weren't around to tell them.

He said he went to bed with this on his mind and woke up near dawn, knowing exactly what he wanted to say.  He told me how he got up, put on his robe, made coffee and started typing the message on his typewriter!  By early morning it was finished!  He showered, got dressed and took his message to, Columbia Records, where his good friend, Dick Hutter worked.  They recorded the message, which he called, The Strangest Secret, then took the single record to the Insurance office and handed it to his office manager and said, "Play this while I am gone.  I'm going fishing!"

When Earl returned a few weeks later, he was astonished to learn that the recording had been, not only successful in motivating the salesmen, but that each, wanted a record of their own so that they could listen to it again and again.

Pressing a few more copies of the record for the salesmen seemed like a simple request - - one easily filled; but, what happen next was unbelievable! Not only did the men listen to it, but they played their record for friends and family and anyone who would listen; And, once heard, the friends and family and everyone who listened, wanted one, too!  The demand was growing by the week and the amazing thing was, that no advertising or marketing was being done!  None of any kind, other than one person at a time, sharing the message on the record with others.

This was unheard of!  Especially by Columbia Records!  In no time at all, more than a million copies had been sold, earning for Earl Nightingale, the only Gold Record ever to be given for an audio message!

By now, Earl had partnered up with an acquaintance, Lloyd Conant who owned a small mail order company and he had taken on the task of helping Earl fill orders for the record.  Earl said that they believed initially that they would saturate the market within a year and be done - but instead, realized that there was a real hunger for these kinds of messages and Earl began writing more...and more...and more!

Now, almost 60-years later, The Strangest Secret continues to sell, every day, somewhere in the world and has stood the test of time with it's soundness, it's truth and it's effectiveness in helping millions upon millions of people around the world to achieve more successful lives.

Listen to it for yourself - - it may change your life, as well!

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